RV Loans

The RV is a vehicle, but it is also considered a recreational craft. Since most RVs have living quarters, they almost border on the verge of being a mobile home. As such, the financing for these vehicles is different and very specialized. If you are thinking of buying a recreational vehicle, you need to get the facts about RV loans and make sure that you know what you're getting into.

First of all, RV loans are based on the value of the RV. You have to be creditworthy and provide copies of things like RV insurance, contents insurance, and other necessary paperwork that will prove that you are a safe risk. You should also talk to RV dealers about financing solutions but don't just take their loans until you do some shopping around to compare rates. The internet can help you find great RV loans and make sure that you get the information that you need.

Key tips for when you want to get RV loans:

  • This isn't a necessary purchase. As such, it will be critical that you have exemplary credit ratings in order to get approved for this loan.
  • Buying an RV is an interesting purchase in terms of property and insurance products. Make sure that you talk to the seller about exactly what coverage you need for your new toy.
  • Look for reasonably priced RVs that are worth their value so that you can get approved for RV loans. Since these aren't necessary like cars or houses, the approval rating is much higher and you need to be able to prove you're worth investing in.
  • Find companies that specialize in motorhome and RV loans so that you can get the best options for this specialty purchase.

Advice on finding the best RV loans:

Choosing the right loan or lender is simply a matter of checking out the terms, conditions, and interest rates of the loan. You will also want to check out the reputation of the lender and see what they have to offer. Their service should be top-rate and their loans should be reasonable and affordable. Check out a few different options before you choose your lender so that you can get the best RV loans no matter how much you want to spend. Whether you're buying a small used RV for weekend getaways or a brand new supersized RV for a big trip, you can get help with financing from specialists that know all about RV loans.

Current RV loan details:

When using FinanceSource.com, you will find our recommendations of viable RV loan/financing options. The associated RV loan minimum and maximum details are as follows based on your credit level, income, loan amount, selected terms and preferences:

  • RV Loan Amount: $5,000 to $150,000 maximum
  • APR: 4.29% to $35.99% maximum
  • Loan Term: 12 months to 84 months maximum
  • Loan To Value Rate: Providers may require a minimum cash down payment associated with your purchase up to 20% of the total purchase price.
  • Fees: Providers may charge fees associated with your loan/financial product, based on your selected terms and preferences. Examples include: documentation fee, appraisal fee, credit report fees, loan origination fees, notary fee, title search fee, title insurance fee, and/or registration fees. Review all specific fee details and disclosures before you agree to final loan terms and payments.
  • Representative Example: Monthly payments for a $10,000 loan at 5% APR with a term of 3 years (36 months), would result in 36 monthly payments of $300.00, thus a total of $10,790.00.

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