Horse Trailer Loan

Are you a first-time horse owner and need transportation for your horse? Maybe you just increased the size of your stable and need a bigger trailer? A horse trailer loan can help you purchase the trailer you need as equestrian transportation requires more than just a pickup truck.

Key tips for when you want to get a horse trailer loan:

  • Check to be sure you know if the loan will cover a horse trailer without living quarters (LQ). Some lenders will only finance the trailer if it does.
  • Horse trailers fall under the category of specialty vehicle because they are used for recreation and hobbies. If you are purchasing one for a business you might be able to find a better rate.
  • Always compare the rates offered by your bank or outside lenders to the rates and incentives offered by the dealership.
  • Be sure that the lender is able to lock the rate long enough for you to order the trailer and have it built to your specifications if you are getting a custom.
  • Remember that you are going to need to pay for taxes, tags, registration, and license fees for your horse trailer and you need to make sure your loan is big enough to cover everything. You will also need horse trailer insurance.

Horse trailer loans provide you with financing to provide your equine companion with comfortable and most importantly, safe, secure transportation on the road. Some trailers even include living quarters so you can camp out or have a place to sleep on the road to and from horse shows or other events.

Advice on finding the best horse trailer loan:

To get the best horse trailer loans, you should look into all available finance programs and compare options. Be sure you understand the interest rates, fees, and loan terms as well as any available incentives. Spend some time comparing all of the different financing options available to find the best rates and terms for your personal credit history.

Horse trailer loans can provide extended payment terms to keep your monthly payments affordable. Taking time to compare different programs can help you get the horse trailer you want with the best rates.

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