Furniture, Electronics and Appliance Leases

Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood, buying a new home, or furnishing a rental property there are times when you might need more furnishings than you can afford to purchase. People with bad credit have an especially difficult time getting credit to purchase items for their homes. In these cases leasing can be a great option

Key tips for when you want to get furniture, electronics, or appliance leases:

  • Make sure you can afford the monthly payments and you understand all of the terms.
  • Find out about rent-to-own programs so you won’t even have to return the furniture.
  • Take care of the appliances or furniture so you’re not shocked by return fees.
  • Ask about end of lease balances, service plans, and the total number and amount of payments.

The most popular time of year for leasing electronics and even furniture is just before the Super Bowl but you’ll have to plan ahead to get what you want before everyone else grabs all of the deals on TVs, surround sound, sofas, chairs, refrigerators, and more.

Advice on finding the best furniture, electronics, and appliance leases:

Take your time shopping for the best lease programs with the best prices on the products that meet your needs. Make sure to compare prices on purchasing vs. leasing so you don’t get overcharged on a lease. The right leases will have affordable payments, a reasonable interest rate, and a term that suits your liking. You may have an option to lease previously owned furniture, appliances, or electronics but be sure to inspect the condition of each item before accepting it so you don’t end up with a dud. While it may be tempting to outfit you home with the latest and greatest of everything be sure that you can afford the monthly payments so you don’t adversely affect your credit rating. With some careful planning you can really make your home your castle.

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