Personal Loans

The internet often makes it seem easy to get personal loans online. However, personal loans are still some of the most difficult to obtain because they rarely have security (or collateral) backing them up. Take the time to explore your options for personal lending and make sure that you know what you are getting into. Personal loans are available to cover any expense that you can't fit into another lending category. In some cases, you might even be able to use these loans for things like consolidation, debt repayment, and other financing if you can't qualify for traditional loans that are available.

Unsecured personal loans are hard to come by unless you have good credit. Most banks see this almost in the same light as credit lines and credit cards, so they aren't just going to fork over $20,000 because you say you need it. If you buy a home, the house serves as collateral in the event that you default. With a car loan, they can take the car. If you ask for personal loans that aren't secured, you're basically asking them to hand you free money with little recuperation ability on their end and that's a big deal.

Here are some key tips for when you want to get personal loans:

  • Never take out loans that you can't afford to repay. While this might sound like common sense, sometimes things get desperate and people get in over their heads. It's important to remain sensible and responsible about consumer lending.
  • Personal loans are not just for fun. If you have a legitimate expense that you cannot afford otherwise, this might be a good option. If you just want money to spend, work harder, take on more hours, or get another job.
  • Some companies offer personal loans that prey on desperate people. You have to make sure that you avoid the 'too good to be true' lenders and the ones who seem to be focused only on convincing you to get loans.
  • Credit unions can be a great resource for personal lending when you have an account history established with them. They are much more flexible and appreciative of members with lending than a traditional lender might be with a stranger.

Advice on how to find the best personal loans:

When you are borrowing money that doesn't fall into any other category, personal loans might be exactly what you need. Just be careful to find a reputable lender that will help you get the funds you need without charging you a fortune in the process. Be sure to check not only interest rates but also early repayment penalties, payment terms, fees, and secured vs. unsecured credit options.

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