Organize for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning - Trash, Donate, Sell
April showers might bring May flowers but with the changing seasons and longer days it is also a good time to organize and clean your home. Going through your home room by room and deciding what to throw out or donate might seems like a daunting task but you might find items you can sell and make the whole effort worth your time.

Throw Away, Donate, or Sell:

Throw Away:

  • Personal Items & Paperwork - You really should shred any financial documents for your own safety. See Save or Shred to find out what you should keep vs. dispose of. Items like underwear and socks can’t be donated and should be thrown out.

  • Junk - Everyone has things that clutter up their homes that they aren’t sure why they keep. Puzzles with missing pieces, broken appliances, old magazines, and other stuff that just takes up space can be tossed out. If you have too much stuff you might have to pay someone to haul it away. You can also check out Junk King to get rid of your stuff. If you sell enough items your cleaning might even pay for itself.


  • Food - Cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry is always a good idea. Of course anything that’s past the expiration date or perishable needs to be thrown out but you might find items that you simply no longer want. These are perfect for local food banks. Sometimes even grocery stores have food collection boxes, making it easy to donate to those less fortunate.

    • Books - Books take up a lot of space in your home and they can be quite heavy to pack and move. Organizations like the Salvation Army and Goodwill might take your books. Operation Paperback is an organization that donates used books to the military and veteran’s programs.

    • Clothes - Cleaning out your closets and drawers will help you make room for when styles change. If you haven’t worn something in a year it’s a good idea to donate it to charity. If you have clothes that still have tags on them you should definitely donate those instead of waiting for them to come back into fashion.

    • Electronics - is a web site that will pay you for your used cell phone. ecoATM is a company that also buys cell phones, paying cash on the spot for your phone at kiosks in malls and stores. Newer phones and iPhones will get you the most money.

    • Appliances & Musical Instruments - Home appliances that are in good condition can be worth a pretty penny on sites like ebay or letgo. Musical instruments can also fetch a fair price.

    Cleaning your home will help you get organized and save you time looking for things or moving stuff around that you don’t need. You might even be inspired to start some home improvement projects. Finance Source can help you find home improvement loans, kitchen remodel financing, and even solar financing.
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