Personal Watercraft Insurance

Personal water craft are easy to store and easy to take out to the river, lake, bay, or ocean to enjoy a day speeding across the water. They are powerful vehicles and even with proper care and caution accidents do happen. Boating insurance is required for these vehicles and will also save you a lot of financial headaches in the event something does happen on or out of the water.

Key tips for when you want to get personal watercraft insurance:

  • Many insurance companies offer generic "boat insurance" and you should carefully review any policy quote to see how coverages apply to personal water craft.
  • If the climate in your area warrants, try to find a policy that offers unlimited use year-round so you can use your vehicle whenever you want.
  • Make sure that your PWC policy will cover personal items like sunglasses, cameras, cell phones, and clothing so that your things will be replaced in the event of a big wipeout. Accessory coverage will take care of water skis, wakeboards, and other items as well.
  • Fuel spill coverage and wreckage removal are also very important coverages to have so you don't get stuck with a big cleanup bill and the loss of your vehicle.
  • Liability is the most basic coverage and you will also need medical payments coverage as well as physical damage protection. Different insurance providers have different names for these areas of coverage but they all provide protection for the same things at varying levels.
  • Higher deductibles offer lower costs and repair claims generally cause rates to increase so you may want to carry a higher deductible and pay for repairs yourself when needed in order to keep the rates lower. This can save more money over the long run.

Advice on finding the best personal watercraft insurance:

PWC Insurance can protect your vehicle and your rider and especially your wallet against claims from other boaters in the event of accidents on the water. Many policies will even provide coverage when your personal water craft is out of the water on the way to and from your home. When you compare personal watercraft insurance quotes from multiple providers be sure to look over all of your options to get the best rates and the highest quality coverage for your vehicle and your lifestyle. You will be glad you did and you can spend more time having fun on the water.

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