ATV Insurance

Homeowners insurance might protect your ATV while it is on your property but the coverage becomes invalid the moment you cross the property line and you won't be covered. Most auto insurance policies don't cover off-road activities except in limited circumstances so if you want to do some serious off-roading you will need to look into specialty ATV insurance to protect against loss or liability.

Key tips for when you want to get ATV insurance:

  • Combining your homeowners, auto, and vehicle insurance can save a lot of money with multi-vehicle discounts and other reductions for multiline insurance discounts.
  • Rider safety course teach everything from towing and unloading the vehicle to rock crawling. Insurance companies typically have discounts available for customers that take safety courses as well.
  • Be sure to get coverage for accessories and custom equipment as well as the trailer you will use to take your ATV to your favorite riding spots.
  • Theft and vandalism coverage will help to replace your vehicle from wrongdoers. Storing the vehicle in a locked garage or storage unit with an alarm will usually lower your rates.
  • Uninsured coverage will protect against damage caused by other riders that don't have insurance and many times you can also get protection in the event another rider is underinsured.
  • Pay for minor repairs and damages yourself when you can and only make claims for major repairs or injuries as any claims will usually cause your rates to increase.

Advice on finding the best ATV insurance:

The rates for ATV insurance are determined by the displacement of the vehicle and the driving record of the owner as well as risks based on registration location and claim histories. You also need to ask about age restrictions and if guests will be covered when riding your ATV. As with any insurance compare multiple quotes from different providers to find the best ATV insurance for your needs and remember that the cheapest policy might not provide as much coverage as you would like or need to protect your assets and your vehicle. By doing some homework you can find the best ATV insurance for your vehicles and your financial situation.

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