Solar Financing

If your energy bills always seem to be climbing you may be considering solar financing to add solar energy capabilities and reduce or even end your power bills altogether. Solar power is a great renewable source of energy for your home so you can enjoy your air conditioning, spa, or pool without worrying about the bill at the end of the month.

Key tips for when you want to get solar financing:

  • There are many county, state, and federal programs to help with the costs of adding solar power to your home. These include rebates, special leases, and purchase programs. Be sure that any contractor you speak with can explain all of your options.
  • Find out about the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) available through your local energy providers so you know how much you will really save by switching to solar energy for your home.
  • Incentives are decreasing as more systems are installed so if you are considering solar it will pay off to act quickly.
  • Think about how long you plan to stay in the home. A purchased system will add to the value of your home when you sell. With a lease or PPA you may have to transfer the system to the new owner.
  • You can reduce the size and cost of the system needed by improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Solar financing is a great way to reduce your home energy costs over the long run. As long as the sun is shining you have plenty of power to run your appliances and you are also doing the environment a favor.

Advice on finding the best solar financing:

If you want the best solar financing, you have to start by comparing finance options. Find reputable contractors that are well established in the industry. Be sure to ask about all government programs available to reduce the cost of installing a system. Decide if it will be better for you to buy or lease the system and search for plans that meet your energy needs. Finding the best plan will take some time to compare all of the different options.

Solar financing will allow you to make your home more “green” and efficient and save money on energy costs. Being able to use appliances and climate controls whenever you want is a convenience that will make you more comfortable at home. Researching the solar finance options is well worth the effort.

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