Airline Mileage Credit Cards

Of all of the various rewards options out there, airline mileage credit cards are probably among the most popular. These cards are actually what got the world of rewards cards started, allowing users that were frequent fliers to cash in their rewards for tickets and airline discounts just for using a credit card. Today, there are dozens of different airline mileage credit cards, including some rewards cards that let you choose miles rewards as your option when you sign up.

Remember, though, that airline mileage credit cards are still credit. That means that you still have to use them responsibly and pay the bills. You also have to make sure that you are choosing a card with a reasonable interest rate. Airline miles are a great reward but not when they cost you more than they're worth, after all.

Key tips for when you want an airline mileage credit card:

  • Watch for blackout dates, travel restrictions, and mileage limitations. Companies are famous for tacking on the fine print to make sure that you aren't really getting that much of a reward from your use of their card.
  • Make sure that you choose a card that works with airlines you fly. There's no point in having a Delta miles card, for example, if you don't like the airline or don't use it. Check into how the miles translate and where they can be used.
  • Remember that this is still a credit card. You need to use it sparingly and responsibly so that you can get the benefits without putting yourself into a hole of debt.
  • Don't pick a card just because it has rewards. You also have to look at the features of the card to make sure that the rewards are worth what you are getting with the credit card.

Advice on finding the best airline mileage credit cards:

Airline mileage credit cards are available from dozens of different companies and useful on many different airlines. It's going to be up to you to check out these cards and find the ones that you like best. Ideally, you should be looking for airline mileage credit cards that have no annual fees and that offer reasonable interest rates along with an effective rewards schedule that you can benefit from. These elements will make sure that you get the best card for your needs. Choosing a credit card is no walk in the park, but it can certainly be simple if you know where to look.

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