New Car Leases

People who like to drive new cars often consider new car leases rather than buying a car outright. If you think about it, when you buy a car you are going to pay it off over 3-5 years and it loses value over time. Then, if you decide you want something new, you're not going to get your money's worth because you still owe on it or it just doesn't have the value it once did. The benefit of leasing is that you can essentially 'borrow' a car from a dealership for a period of time. Most leases are between 24-36 months, although you can find longer and shorter terms in some cases.

Key tips for when you want to get a new car lease:

  • While your credit does matter, the terms of the lease are going to be a bit more stable. That means that you might get lower payments and interest since you are just leasing instead of buying the car. When the term is up, you can go back and get something new and still only pay a couple hundred dollars a month.
  • Leasing a car is a great way to give yourself the chance to drive a newer car at all times. If you are fine with having a car payment for the long term, you can find great lease deals out there.
  • New car leases do require really good credit. This type of loan is only for those who can prove that they're worthy of such a service, so it's going to be important to have a good credit score and financial situation.
  • You always need a down payment unless you have perfect credit. Make sure that you're aware of that and that you have money ready when you are shopping.

Advice on finding the best new car leases:

You should take the time to find new car leases that suit your financing needs, no matter what you have in mind. With lenders waiting to help you get the money that you need for new car leases, you can ask as many questions as you have. Most people assume that you have to get these loans from the dealership, but the fact of the matter is that you can find any lender to give you a lease agreement and then take it to a dealership to get the car that you have been waiting for. It's all about getting the best deal with new car leases.

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