A 401K is something that a lot of people don't learn about or even hear about until it is offered to them. This type of account typically comes through employers, where they may have a program in place to help you save money for your retirement. Some companies have a matching program where they will meet your investment up to 100%, depending on the terms of the program that you enroll in. Of course, if you aren't in a position to get a 401K plan from your employer, there are other options for saving for retirement on your own, including individual 401K plans.

The 401K plan does have limits as to what you can invest based on what you earn. Every year, you are only allowed to put so much money in this account. If you are working with a matching plan, the company responsible for matching your investments might also have a cap where they stop meeting your investments over the course of a year. Annually, these limits will be reset and your investing can continue.

Key tips for when you want to set up your 401K:

  • Make sure that you read through the program options and choose the plan that works best for your specific needs.
  • If you don't understand the terms and conditions of this type of program, talk to a financial advisor or someone you know that understands the investment plan.
  • Look for the account that can give you the most benefits and investment potential.
  • If you don’t' know a lot about investments, it might be best to let them automatically set up your profile for investing rather than choosing each different aspect.

Advice on finding the best 401K:

As far as where to get your 401K and when you should enroll, that depends on the situation. If your employer offers this plan to you, it's important to enroll as soon as you can so that you can save more towards your retirement as you work. If you aren't given this option by an employer, you will need to find a financial service or investment firm that offers these accounts. Make sure that they are reputable and going to give you the investment solutions that you deserve. When to get a 401K account is entirely up to you, but the sooner the better. When you get an account sooner, you have more time to save for retirement and rack up the potential return on your investments more than you would by waiting.

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