About FinanceSource.com

About FinanceSource.com

Life costs money. We’re here to help you find it.

FinanceSource.com is a unique website that allows consumers of all credit levels to identify and compare reputable providers across multiple finance products and services. Our site goes beyond providing current rates with a curated selection of financial service providers that are automatically matched up to a consumer’s specific needs and financial situation.

The web based technology platform was set up to deliver recommendations and information on everything from banking to tax help. Categories covered include banking, business loans, credit cards, credit reports, home loans and mortgages, insurance, personal finance, specialty vehicle loans, education loans, and tax preparation.

The FinanceSource technology was developed with publisher syndication in mind. In addition to the main FinanceSource.com website for consumers, other websites interested in providing their users with a turnkey, custom Finance Center can partner with FinanceSource to integrate a comprehensive solution "powered by FinanceSource". Publishers can select the entire finance center solution covering 60+ unique finance product/service types, or specific categories of interest for their audience. This allows any business with a website the opportunity to deliver expert financial services recommendations to their users, while focusing their internal product and technology resources on their core business.

Established and licensed financial service providers can also take advantage of the unique platform Condurre Media offers with FinanceSource. For those companies that specialize in finance related products and services (banks, lenders, insurance, credit, money management, etc.), FinanceSource provides an easy way to build brand awareness and promote their specific offerings to their target consumer segment. Providers benefit from a growing network of sites matching their products and services with qualified, highly targeted users searching for those specific offerings. These highly engaged consumers are linked directly to the provider’s website.

FinanceSource is owned and operated by Condurre Media.

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